FAQ: Fractional Erbium Laser

Want to make sure laser skin revitalization is right for you? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions before you book your consultation.

How does it work?
Pulses of laser light reach deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, treating the aging support structure. Then, the body’s natural healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh, new collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of smooth, youthful skin.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
If you have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, or on any area of your body, you may be a good candidate for a laser revitalization treatment. Schedule a consultation with our team to talk through your options.

How long does it take?
The procedure can be performed in 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Does it hurt?
Pain levels may vary depending on the level of treatment needed. Tylenol can be taken one hour before the treatment as a preventative measure. During the treatment, you will have cold air blown on the treatment area and numbing cream can be applied if needed.

How many treatments will I need?
Depending on the individual case and lasers used, some patients are satisfied after only one treatment session while others may need additional sessions.

How quickly will I recover?
We have found that two to four days of redness and swelling are average. However, each client is different so it is best to discuss recovery time with our team.

Are there any side effects?
Outside of improved skin quality, common side effects are redness, swelling, and sun sensitivity for up to four weeks post procedure. Other potential, but rare side effects include burning, hypopigmentation, and hyperpigmentation.