Pre-Treatment Care

⦁ Ahead of treatment, make sure your skin is clean and dry. If a topical anesthetic was used, we will remove it prior to your treatment.

⦁ Inform your practitioner if you have had a change in your medications or in your health history. If you have a history of herpes outbreaks, an antiviral medication may be recommended.

⦁ Limit the use of aspirin, Ibuprofen, anti-inflammatories, blood thinners, muscle relaxants, and vitamin E. Please also avoid alcohol consumption the night before your treatment. 

⦁ Please avoid any unprotected Sun Exposure for at least 2 weeks prior to your laser treatment and throughout the course of your treatment for best results.

⦁ Please let us know if you are taking any antibiotics before your appointment as we may need to reschedule your treatment.